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Our mission is “to be the leading organisation supporting the rural communities of Cheshire, Halton and Warrington by providing excellent services in a flexible and independent way”.

Cheshire Community Action is one of 38 Rural Community Councils covering every County in England. Rural Community Councils were born out of the need to regenerate rural England in the years following the First World War. This national network of Rural Community Councils has never gone away and Cheshire Community Action is committed to developing and sustaining the County’s communities by providing advice and access to funding which will help increase quality of life. It does this by helping local communities to identify problems and then seeking solutions while building self-reliance and encouraging self-help.

Cheshire Community Action provides support on a variety of projects. Some will continue year-after-year but others are time limited.

  • To continue to make a difference, our current Corporate Objectives are:

  • To support, encourage and facilitate community development and empowerment.

  • To support village halls and community buildings to run effectively.

  • To engage, inform and challenge statutory service providers.

  • To work in partnership with others to maximise resources.

  • To promote and celebrate community activity to inspire others, spread good news and best practice.

  • To build a financially resilient and sustainable organisation.

  • To operate a quality organisation that is adaptable to an ever changing environment and be fit for purpose.


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