Community Building Energy Advice

Supporting community buildings to reduce their energy costs.

Cheshire Community Action is helping community buildings reduce energy usage and improve energy efficiency with training and practical support. 

An increasing number of Cheshire community buildings are struggling to cover increased energy costs and need advice and support to reduce energy usage, improve efficiency and consider new heating systems and renewable energy generation.

Community buildings have unusual energy use patterns compared to domestic properties as they are only occupied for a few hours of the day, but by large groups of individuals over the course of a week. Many have poor insulation, traditional lighting and inefficient heating systems, largely due to their age.

From 2022 to 2023, on average, Cheshire community buildings have seen their energy bills increase by an average of 113% with some reporting three to fourfold increases in energy costs. 

How we can support your community building to save energy:

Working with Utility Aid to offer energy contract brokerage, energy saving advice and affordable, remote energy audits of your building.
Online training with energy experts to give you practical advice on changes you can make to your building to help reduce your energy costs.
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