Our latest report has revealed the high value for money delivered by Cheshire Community Action’s Pathfinder East service.

The Pathfinder East service provides invaluable information and one-to-one support across Cheshire East for those struggling to access support for issues with: health; care; transport; leisure; housing; money matters; benefits checks; form filling and learning digital skills. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Pathfinder team members assess the needs of clients referred to the service through triage, discuss their options and then either help resolve specific issues or refer them to other relevant services who can assist.

The Pathfinder East Annual Report 2019-20 confirms that for every £1 of investment in the Pathfinder East service, £8.25 social value has been created. The evaluation was carried out using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) toolkit to ensure accuracy.

Pathfinder East is now recognised as a first point of contact for anyone with low level social needs across the Cheshire East area. From April 2019 to March 2020 a total of 1,293 referrals were received from across the borough of Cheshire East. More than 1,900 referrals have been received since the start of the project in 2018.

89% of beneficiaries reported improved outcomes including:

  • increased access to services thereby reducing their isolation
  • increased sense of self-worth
  • improved mental-health and well-being
  • more independence and community involvement.

Cheshire East Council, which funds the service stated: “[The Pathfinder East] interventions will prevent escalation to more costly service interventions.” Meaning that these early interventions to help people stay well and independent for longer helps take pressure off hospitals and costlier care services.

Beneficiaries of the service have said:

“Thank you so very much for all you are doing. My life appears to be one big rush at the moment whilst my husband is in the nursing home. It’s very comforting knowing you are there.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your visit to us. Your time must be valuable and I am very grateful that you helped us so much on that day. I can honestly say that if the world were filled with more people like you, it would be a much better place.”

If you or someone you know, who is living in Cheshire East, feels isolated, would you like to meet new people, needs support at home or information about what’s going on in your area, or you’re simply not sure who to turn to, please contact Alyssa Baines, Pathfinder East coordinator on 07799 519431 or email: pathfindereast@cheshireaction.org.uk.

For more information about similar services in Cheshire West contact our Pathfinder West team on pathfinder@cheshireaction.org.uk or call 01244 329777 or 07799 519438.