Last winter we were proud to work with CWaC and CWVA to administer, promote and distribute the Warm Welcoming Spaces Fund to community organisations across the borough and our evaluation report shows highlights some of the Fund major achievements. We are currently working with CWaC to set up a new Warm Spaces Fund in Cheshire West this winter so watch this space for further announcements…

Key figures from the CWaC Warm, Welcoming Spaces Fund Evaluation 2022-23:

• Total grant funding spent: £29,501
• Average grant amount claimed: £614
• Number of grants approved: 50
• Weekly capacity of Warm Welcoming Spaces across the borough: 2,297
• Estimated total weekly attendance across Cheshire West in all Warm Welcoming Spaces: 1,806
• Average weekly venue capacity of Warm Welcoming Spaces: 48
• Average weekly attendance numbers for each Warm Welcoming Space: 38
• Estimated total attendance across all Cheshire West in all Warm Welcoming Spaces during Autumn/Winter 2022-23: 15,226
• Average cost per visit to Warm Welcoming Spaces across Cheshire West: £1.94
• Number of groups that intend to continue providing a warm / community space: 29 (88% of respondents of the evaluation survey)

There will be an announcement in the autumn about a new Warm Space Fund in Cheshire West. For organisations continuing to support people and communities under severe pressure because of the increased cost of living, the Lottery has opened a Cost of Living Fund with grants available from £10,000 to £75,000.